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  --->--->31 May 2019 Arrival of the First Year Theologians and the First Year Philosophers   ---> 4 June 2019 Arrival of the Second and the Third Year Theologians and the Second Year Philosophers   ---> 5 June 2019 Ongoing Formation for the Staff. Annual Retreat for the Seminarians.   --->10 June 2019 Inauguration of the Academic Year and Mass of the Holy Spirit   ---> 11 June 2019 Classes Begin.   ---> 12 June 2019 Rite of Initiation and Conferral of Ministries   ---> 13 June 2019 Staff Council Meeting   ---> 16 June 2019 Arrival of the First Year Licentiate Students .



Rev. Dr. Andrew De Rose

Standing in the premises of St. Paul’s Seminary as her new Rector gives me immense joy and delight. We have inaugurated the new academic year 2019-2020, whereby our St. Paul’s Seminary proudly enters the 99th milestone of her journey in faith and commitment.

“The seminary is a community journeying towards priestly ministry” says Pope Benedict XVI. Three elements stand out in this statement: (a) Seminary is a community; (b) It is on a journey; and (c) The goal of the journey is priestly ministry. The facilitators of formation and the formees join hand in hand in fraternal union, walk step by step in human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral formation, and reach the threshold of priestly ministry.

Appreciating the dedicated service of the staff members, and the zeal and zest of the seminarians, I wish you all a blessed academic year 2019-2020.

Rev. Dr. Andrew De Rose




St. Paul’s seminary was erected by the Most Rev. Dr. Augustine Faisandier, the then Bishop of Tiruchirappalli, on June 1921 with the motto “set apart for the Gospel of Christ”(Rom 1:1). At first, it was entrusted to the Madurai Mission of the Society of Jesus, accommodating the seminarians from the dioceses of Tiruchirappalli, Thoothukudi and Madurai, and later on it became the provincial seminary of the Madurai ecclesiastical province, thus including the dioceses of Kottar, Palayamkottai, Sivagangai, Dindigul, and Kuzhithurai.

On 4 December 1975, the theology section was affiliated to the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. And, on 29 March 1978, the Jesuits handed over the administration of the seminary to the board of bishops of the Madurai ecclesiastical province. But, with a view to promote contextualized theology, it was disaggregated from the pontifical Urban University, Rome, and was aggregated to St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangaluru on 31 May 2005.

The section of philosophy was transferred from St. Paul Seminary to the Christ Hall Seminary, which was initially a regional major seminary and then functioned as a provincial major seminary for the ecclesiastical province of the archdiocese of Madurai from June 1984. From the year 2006, it was functioning as an autonomous philosophate with the recommendation of apostolic visitors from Holy See, and that was integrated as part of St. Paul’s seminary, Tiruchirappalli, from the academic year 2015-2016.

On the occasion of its platinum jubilee (1995-1996), a post-graduate programme of Licentiate in Theology was started, and from the year June 1991, religious sisters and lay persons were admitted for the studies. In the last 98 years of its existence, it has formed 1695 priests of whom 25 have been made bishops. So far, 973 students have been awarded the B.Th. degree and 27 persons have obtained the Licentiate degree. This institute continues to welcome all those who wish to do their B.Ph., B.Th., and Licentiate studies!



Hand Book and Calendar

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June 2019

10 Mon Inauguration of the Academic Year

12 Wed Rite of Initiation and Conferral of Ministries

15 Sat Inauguration of the Ministries

20 Thu Inauguration of the Academies (Theologians)

24 Mon Inauguration of the Academies and Oratories (Philosophers)


July 2019

03 Wed Recollection for the Seminarians & Staff

04 Thu English Academy - I (Theologians)

11 Thu Homiletics - II (Theologians)

11 Thu Staff Council Meeting - II

15 Mon English Oratory - I (Philosophers)

17 Wed Submission of the Plan of Dissertation (III B.Th. & II B.Ph.)

18 Thu Tamil Academy - I (Theologians)

23 Tue Extension Lecture - I

25 Thu Homiletics - III (Theologians)

29 Mon Philosophizing on Current Issues - I (Ph)

30 Tue Theologizing on Current Issues - I (Th)

20 June 2019 Inauguration of the Academies (Theologians)

24 June 2019 Inauguration of the Academies and Oratories (Philosophers)

24 June 2019 Second Session Exams Begin

27 June 2019 Homiletics - I (Theologians)

01 July 2019 Tamil Oratory - I (Philosophers)